The TFV12 By SMOK Is Coming Real Soon

Hey boys and girls, we are back with another blog post. Today we tell you about a product that is in the works and going to be released sometime in February.  The SMOK TFV12 Cloud Beast King is already one of the most talked about and most anticipated Sub Ohm Tanks of all time, and people have only seen pictures. SMOK is always releasing new products, almost every month now, and people are scooping them up right away. They have seen how this has been happening and now they are capitalizing on this. It’s not a bad strategy at all. They post new product info on social media and on their website, and from their it just blows up. Word of mouth and social sharing has a huge effect on product awareness, and the process just keeps going. Now onto the TFV12 Tank that is all the rage these days online.

The TFV12 Tank is 27mm in diameter around the glass and 25mm around the base. It holds 6ml of juice and has a height of 70mm. It’s made of stainless steel, and the Tank is glass of course. It comes with 3 different coils. A .12 ohm 12 coil is pre-installed, and com es with a X4 .15 ohm quad coil and a Q4 .15 ohm quad coil. It can hit all the way up to 320W with the 12 coil, which is way too much in my opinion. Besides the 12 coils there are 4 other coils to choose from at this time. That includes 2 quad coils and 1 sextuple coil. There are also 2 choices for a RBA Deck. Their is the triple coil deck and the dual coil deck. Both of those has an adapter to make it a functioning single coil. When comparing the new TFV12 Tank to the TFV8 there are some differences. The TFV12 has 30% bigger air flow slots. It’s also 3.5mm wider, making it a 28mm Tank.

If you want to pick one of these up we suggest you head on over to The Best Vape. They are allowing people to reserve the tank in 3 different colors. This means that when they get their delivery you are guaranteeing that 1 of them is for you. I have a strong feeling that if you wait for shops to get them in it’s going to be extremely hard to get your hands on one. So check them out, they have some of the lowest prices and they definitely have the best customer service we have ever seen. Ok well that is it for this post, hope you liked it.

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