Great Site With Good e Juice Available

Hey everyone and welcome to the first of many articles / blog posts where we write about websites that sell Vape equipment online. We hope to make this a normal thing here and I know that our community will enjoy it. Today we talk about a wonderful site that specializes in writing reviews of the latest vape products to hit the market. They also just recently started to sell e juice on their site. They will not have a large selection, they will only sell the stuff they personally use and can testify to loving.

The first juice they are starting to sell is a collaboration of a semi famous Insta-celebrity called The Fat Jew and the e Juice company is One Hit Wonder. Together they came up a sweet and creamy very tasty whip cream flavor called Drippin Whip e Juice and it’s really good. We had the opportunity to test it out and we loved it. It is being sold in the regular OHW style bottles which consists of 180ml of e Juice and 2 unicorn bottles included as well. Their bottling strategy has been genius I do have to say. It’s a good amount of juice and the extra bottles comes in very handy to carry around with you when you are not home to use the big bottle. I expect this flavor to do really well, and with the collaboration between The Fat Jew who has millions of Instagram followers and the famous One Hit Wonder company it should do phenomenal. There was a brief delay in shipping the product to online stores but they should be getting within the next few days and then it will ship out. The website we are writing about today is The Best Vape and they are getting it in sometime next week. If you place an order within the next few days you should be able to reserve a bottle for yourself. They are only offering 3mg strength at first so be aware of that before placing an order. Additionally, it is limited to 1 bottle per person because supplies are very limited as of right now.

The other juice they are now selling is called Your Mom E Juice made by the awesome Sicboy Industries. This flavor has been a real hit among the vape community and we absolutely love it as well. They are only selling the big bottles which are 120ml and only in 3mg strength. This is only temporary until they see how much sells. If it does good they will offer the other nicotine strengths. Sicboy really knocked it outta the park with this flavor. I use it all day long and never get tired of it. I do not know how much they have in stock but they should have enough supply the demand. It is not a new flavor so many shops already have it in stock, and have had it for awhile now. You can be sure that if these buys sell it they also personally use it regularly. Take a look thru their site and check out their reviews and buy wither if these juices to help support what they are doing for the whole Vape community.

Ok well that is it for this post, we hope you found this helpful and please check out their site when you have a chance. Have a excellent day and a safe weekend.

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